Casino South Africa Online for 2019/20: A Complete Player’s Guide

Welcome to Africa’s best casino site that supplies you with all the information you need to get started when you step inside of the South African online casino platforms which are available. Offering you the top 10 SA online casino sites, game advice, strategy play and free casino games to enjoy.

Which casino South Africa online service is the best? Here are your top 3 ZA site choices

1 Spin Casino Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas
3 All Slots All Slots

Get ready for the best online casino experience you’ll ever have

Following the boom in online casinos in Africa, you might be at a loss at where to begin. There are currently over 100 casinos online that are available to South African players. since the online gambling laws changed in 2011 there has been a dramatic swing from playing in the land-based casinos to playing online. You’re no doubt here showing an interest in joining the millions around the world in playing online casino games. So, our site will help you to locate a trusted site that provides this and much, much more.

We set this site up to provide players with a platform that provides everything they need to achieve a great level of success online. Now, it doesn’t take much, but the key is most definitely in the planning and it all begins right here, as you will be able to learn and understand more about gambling online than any other guide will offer.

South African casino award-winners

It is already clear that from our site you can choose a number of African online casinos. The top ten list over at expands on the three sited above. Each of the casinos are reviewed independently and scored not by us, but by those who have or currently play within them.

But it is not just about giving you a list of casinos and sending you off on your way to play. Many players do this and don’t take a plan of action with them.

We provide many more guides to help players, aside from the online South Africa casino reviews, we supply gaming information. Learn how to play a selection of games which are used by these top-rated online casinos. Read our helpful guides on tips and strategy. Build the knowledge you need that will help you to win more online money easily.

To partner our guides on how to play and strategies, we invite you to play our selection of free online casino games. These titles are used by the SA online casino sites found in the lists provided. What you play through us, you can play through the casinos online.

All this gives you a perfect learning platform and knowledge is key to achieving an advantage over the house and over the other casino members across the world that are looking to scoop the same casino jackpots as you.

Quality South African online casino services and features to blow you away

Casino games South Africa Casino games South Africa

By formulating a plan before entering the South African casinos available, you are in a position where you can save money and still increase your ration of wins. For most players, they randomly pick an online casino, perhaps the one their friends are with or have seen advertised. At this point, it is not known what games they have, who makes them, what offers they have and what kind of security features they use.

By understanding what a casino has, offers and supports, you are able to capitalize on these features to better your chances of becoming a successful player. Where one casino might just offer you a selection of virtual table games, another may provide these and live dealer games which; 1: gives you more choice for the game you like. 2: gives you better odds of winning. The hottest spot nowadays is casino gaming club what we reccomend to visit

This is a simple example, but there are far more which play a part in the success of a player.

Planning is integral and we plan our reviews to help you get the best casinos online so that half the job of success is done for you.

You won’t be part of any ordinary South African casino

To get the best out of a site you simply need the best South African operator. So how does this work? If we look at the simple task of an online casino licensed which must be in place for them to be available on our list, and they are. The license is a guarantee, the site is approved by gambling bodies and authorities. This means, your playing in a legally approved site. When a site has this in place, they are then part of a regulations process, this means games are checks and tested to be fair. Now from just knowing a site is licensed, you know that the games you are playing are going to be easier to win because they are regulated to be fair to the customer.

We check this and many other factors around the online casinos. We put a plan in place to provide sites that are set up correctly and that are honest in their service to players joining them.

As you will see from the reviews, we check five key areas within the casino. The plan for us is simple, get the best possible features and services for our users and readers.

Therefore, the games are a mix of all types, slots to live tables, roulette to bingo, scratch cards to blackjack. The software is checked to make sure you can play these games across a mix of devices so that gaming is more convenient for you to play no matter your location.

Much more is explored, but in short, we have a list of ten online South Africa casino sites that have the right features in place for you to benefit from, you only need to create your plan to capitalize from these features.

The South Africa online casino laws make gambling online completely legal

So, what exactly are the laws covering online casino South African users and sites?

Well as we mentioned, in 2011 the law was changed, before gambling wasn’t possible except through the national lottery. The change by the National Gambling Board (who, by the way, are the people that approved of these licensed casinos to be active in SA borders), granted online access to sites which must be registered outside of South Africa. The list of casinos meets these requirements and your time playing is fully approved by the NGB.

Time you joined the best South African casinos

There you have it a list of approved South African online casino operators that provide the best casino games in the world, offering the biggest Rand jackpots to ever be created and you can get all this on your mobile phone.

Time to dream big and put it into practice. How will you win? What will you play? Where will you sign up? Everything is down to you, the choice is yours, just don’t decide to pass on this incredible opportunity.

Head to the rest of the guides in the menu on the left and learn a bit more about the options of gambling online.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is meant to be fun. Just like going to a restaurant or a bar, you would have an idea of how much you would like to spend on food and drinks. Set the same limits for gambling. Remember that the house always wins in the end. Therefore never chase your losses. When the fun stops, STOP!!! Our partners responsiblegambling are here to help not only the one who actually do need help, but we also encourage everyone reading this to have a look at the help they offer and take a self-assessment test.